WorthvieW | DA – 99 & PA- 22 | Price – 5$ |

Here at WorthvieW, we do accept great content to get published on our site via guest posting from other bloggers.  If you are one in them who wish to publish your article or contect on our site, thanks for considering!

We welcome enthusiastic bloggers to get involved with us, and act as guest bloggers.

Before you write and submit your post for review, here are some guidelines to boost your chances of approval:

> We accept only unique content which was never published elesewhere
> Make sure your posts are useful to our audience
> Aim for 500 words and no lessthan 300 words
> Include one or two photos to the post. If you didn’t found any, we’ll take care of finding a nice photo    to match to your post
> All commerical/advertising guest posts are paid only (cost depends on your website and niche)

cricsmash | DA -20 & PA 45 | Price – $10 | Free – Not Available

Some Guidelines to follow

The Guest Post must follow these guidelines:

  • Post should be 100% unique, and you will never publish anywhere else.
  • If possible, attach an image related to the article. The pictures should not infringe copyrights and proper credits should be given to them.
  • You should add 2/3 Ajnabii.com blog posts link within your article. (must be relevant to the topic)
  • Double check your article spelling and HTML format paragraph.
  • You are not allowed to post affiliates links in your articles.
  • You are not allowed to post commercial site links in your articles.
  • I’d check all links before publication, and any attempts to spam readers or send them to sites that were irrelevant, pornographic, affiliate sites, sites advocating violence, racism, or hate speech, etc. would be grounds for the guest poster being banned from further submissions on Ajnabii.com.
  • Ajnabii.com reserves the rights to remove links, bio or the article itself .
  • Don’t write about any topic that I’ve already published on my blog.
  • Post should be unique well written by you, and minimum 800 words are required.
  • Once your post get published, Ajnabii.com will have the sole right of  post and content (Full copyright of post).
  • If your post gets comments, you should respond to each and every comment, if you failed to respond to comments I’ll remove your author bio and links from post.

Dealcube | DA – 72 & PA – 25 | Price – 250 | Free – Available



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 Do I get paid for writing an article for you?
– We don’t offer monetary incentives for writing a guest article. We consider exposing your content a good way of exchanging value between both of us.

Do I have to pay you to get published?
– Due to the editorial workload we introduce a small review fee of $10 USD per article. Please consider paying the fee prior to submiting the articles for a review. In case your article fails to pass the review, we will issue a full refund.


  • First and foremost read and follow the article requirements below.
  • Pay the review fee of $10.
  • Write your article and send it in Word or Google Docs format to blog@invoicebus.com for review.
  • The images should be in a large or vector format packed in a zip file and attached to the email.
  • Any additional resources like headshot image and author bio can be included in the email body.
  • We’ll edit the article to suit the blog’s writing and layout style.
  • We’ll schedule it in future and notify you by email. We won’t email you on the day your post is published, so take a note of the scheduled date.
  • We’ll promote your post on our social media channels. We highly encourage you to share the post with your audience too.